Women's Lightweight Eco Hoodie with Mushroom - Heather Green - Uzura - Seatte, WA - PNW

Women's Lightweight Eco Hoodie with Mushroom - Heather Green

$ 45.00

This women's lightweight Hoodie displays a picture of mushrooms screen-printed on the front along with their names in Japanese. It's very soft!

It would make a great gift for a special mushroom-lover in your life or for yourself.

It's a slim fitting hoodies, so please check the measurements below.

* Please note that this is a lightweight sweatshirt. The material is a lot thinner than regular sweatshirts, closer to a long sleeve t-shirt weight.

The mushrooms in the image are:
Chanterelle - アンズタケ (Anzutake)
Morel - アミガサタケ (Amigasatake)
Oyster Mushroom - ヒラタケ (Hiratake)
Matsutake - マツタケ (Matsutake)
Porcini - ポルチーニ (poruchiini)

- Lightweight Hoodie
- 38% Cotton (6.25% organic), 50% Polyester (6.25% recycled), 12% Naturally Occurring Rayon
- Slim fit


Size S
Bust approx. 32"
Waist approx. 30"
Shoulder to Hem - approx. 23"

Size M
Bust approx. 34"
Waist approx. 32"
Shoulder to Hem - approx. 23.5"

Size L
Bust approx. 35"
Waist approx. 34"
Shoulder to Hem - approx. 24"

Size XL
Bust approx. 38"
Waist approx. 37"
Shoulder to Hem - approx. 25"